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Frybrook and the Environment

At Frybrook House we care about the environment both inside the house and the grounds surrounding.   We are committed to preserving and protecting our natural resources through our efforts of a “Low-Waste Lifestyle” . We have taken the following simple steps since we purchased the house in 2018:

  • We would invite our Guests to think about helping us reduce our overall water consumption and to limit harmful chemicals entering our waterways
  • We would invite our Guests to reuse towels whenever possible but obviously we would replace as requested
  • Most of the furniture throughout the house has been recycled, upcycled and handmade on site
  • Recycled Toilet Paper and Napkins
  • Bathroom Toiletries are natural products and are biodegradable
  • Bedroom slippers are ECO and are biodegradable
  • Decalcification system installed to ensure good quality water
  • Solar Panels installed providing electricity to the House
  • Eco/solar lights illuminate the driveway at nighttime
  • Energy Efficient LED lights are used throughout the house
  • A focus on the non-use of “single use plastics” where possible
  • All cardboard recycled and used on the land and garden
  • Two very large wooden composting bins have been installed on the grounds for all vegetable waste, paper, garden waste etc
  • The grounds have been in part replanted with indigenous trees. Bat and bird boxes installed and over 100 black and white thorn bushes planted – all there for biodiversity
  • We use timber trimmed from our own trees for fire woodand and then use the fire ash on the land
  • Coffee grounds are recycled and used in the garden as a fertiliser
  • All old batteries are collected and recycled but we focus a lot on rechargeable batteries
  • No chemicals are used on the grounds and we have a ‘No Mow’ policy throughout the early summer and our resident Connemara Pony grazes the land sustainably
  • Hydro thermal heating is being examined providing that finances allow in the future

Respect the Past, Protect the Future and Leave no Trace